The process plants of a refinery must be inspected every 6 years. Here, the pipes of a furnace are being replaced.

Record Shutdown

At the time of the biggest shutdown in the history of the Schwechat refinery, the specialists from Kremsmueller were in demand.

Timeliness, safety and quality have the uppermost priority in the biggest ever shutdown of the Schwechat refinery.
Up to 3400 persons were involved in the work here, among them about 210 experts from Kremsmueller. 9 projects, 1 month of execution time and 34,000 hours – that meant complete commitment and the maximum concentration round the clock. Several safety experts from Kremsmueller were tasked with the correct compliance with all the safety-relevant procedures. It is in such complex projects with very high deployment of personnel that these plant construction experts convincingly prove, again and again, how safety has the topmost priority at Kremsmueller.
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