Tank roof Amsterdam, Kremsmueller
The experts from Kremsmueller Nederland had the new tank segment transported to the silo by ship. Thanks to the convenient location of the production facility by Amsterdam harbour, it was possible to prefabricate the entire tank roof.


Increasing the height of a steel silo in Amsterdam harbour

The biggest American fodder and foodstuffs company tasked Kremsmueller Nederland B.V. with a challenging expansion project. The height of a steel silo of 27.5 metres was to be increased by another 4.5 metres. The roof was manufactured in the new, state-of-the-art works of Kremsmueller in Amsterdam.

The existing silo has a diameter of just about 9 metres. The Kremsmueller team had installed scaffolding on the entire outer surface so as to be able to remove the old roof with a water-jet cutting process. Thereafter, the upper part was lifted off using a crane. 

During that time, the specialists had prefabricated the entire upper part of the silo, including the inspection system. Since the production works of Kremsmueller Nederland B.V. is located right by Amsterdam harbour, it was possible to transport the component over water to the steel silo and weld it there.

In addition, Kremsmueller supplied new steel platforms and the entire inspection system. Moreover, the team fitted new silo cones, channels, and fittings and a complete new piping system for the steel silo. 

Amsterdam harbour is among the biggest in Europe, ranking number 6. . The annual turnover is 72 million tonnes of goods. The harbour is workplace to about 70,000 persons.

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Kremsmueller Nederland
The new roof being lifted by a crane. After the installation, Kremsmueller supplied and installed new external insulation.