Piping for the Rotterdam power plant
The piping of the steam and water circuit, which called for real engineering expertise.

Pure Energy…

is supplied by the cleanest combined gas and steam power plant in Europe. Kremsmueller took care of the basics.

From the summer of 2010 to the autumn of 2011, up to 200 men from Kremsmueller constructed some 1000 tonnes of steel in a combined gas and steam power station in Rotterdam’s harbour district. A leading general contractor entrusted Kremsmueller with the piping of the water-steam circuit, i.e. the connecting pipes for media like steam, cooling water, gas or oil. Kremsmueller additionally coordinated the interfaces for the main and auxiliary components. Special know-how was required for the welding work – above all for the shaping and working of high-quality alloy steels like the material P91.
The safety standards and the compliance with these standards can be said to have been exemplary. Two employees from Kremsmueller were responsible exclusively for the safety at the construction site. The accident frequency was – what is probably a record – 0.000001%. The Kremsmueller site manager was honoured by the end customer for his outstanding conduct.
Apart from the health of the employees, environment protection was also accorded the topmost priority. Nesting seagulls were not to be disturbed under any circumstances. And what’s more: the person in charge of environment protection for the harbour area cordoned off large sections around the nests.
Kremsmueller completed the work to the complete satisfaction of the customer – and earlier than scheduled. Since the beginning of the year, the power plant has been operating faultlessly and balancing out the output variations of wind energy plants. The generating units are designed for 290 starts per year and reach their full capacity in just 50 minutes – that is up to 870 MW. This is enough to supply power to about 1.4 million Dutch households.
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