Lifting frame
Dismantling in the narrowest space: a segment of the rotary klin was lowered using a lifting frame.

Production quadrupled

More efficiency in cement production – Kremsmueller was actively involved.

The rotary kiln plant of an Austrian cement works was technologically upgraded to state-of-the-art. Previously, every day, the two rotary kilns used to burn 550 tonnes of cement clinker – a pre-product of cement production. In an ambitious project, the customer wanted to optimally upgrade the production. The local restrictions and narrow spaces presented a special challenge. But in a joint effort, the impossible was made possible: the new plant now outputs four times the daily volume.
The apparatus and tank construction division of Kremsmueller submitted an assembly and installation concept for the renovation that immediately convinced the customer. The central rotary kiln was dismantled, overhauled, modernised and constructed again afresh. The work in the cement factory had to be planned and timed exactly, because the operation of other parts of the plant had  to be allowed to continue undisturbed.
350 tonnes of kiln components were shifted in the course of this project. The decade-old rotary kiln was located at a height of 8 metres and integrated in the production in an extremely close space. In millimetre-precision work, a hydraulic lifting frame was set up around the kiln. Like with an indoor crane, the kiln segments were dismantled in this manner. 10 individual parts were then overhauled and just a few metres away, integrated again in the modernised production plant as an upgraded kiln.
 „This is a unique reference system. Thanks to hi-tech equipment, there was a series of innovations here in the course of the installation", says the project leader of Kremsmueller.
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Quality in detail - The correct alignment of the main coupling is ensured here.
Bird's eye view
The modernised rotary kiln: 4.5 metres in diameter and totally 50 metres long.
First dismantling work on the decade-old drive and gear rim of the rotary kiln