Kremsmueller milling machine
The new horizontal bed-type milling machine in the Krieglach workshop. From flanges to individual pieces for the beverage industry that are otherwise laborious to machine - this machine is able to surmount all challenges in the shortest working time.

Precision cut

New high-tech machine for the mechanical production

Kremsmueller’s mechanical workshop in the Styrian town of Krieglach is now richer by one more high-tech machine. Since recently, a new triple-axis controlled horizontal bed-type milling machine has been optimising the processes in the workshop and thus helping achieve even more precision and efficiency. The reason is that in contrast to what happens with conventional machines, with this machine, several work cycles can be carried out in one operation.

Primarily, this horizontal bed-type milling machine in Krieglach is used for machining purpose-built products, which can otherwise be a laborious and complex job. This includes API spare parts for transporting crude oil, such as V-belt pulleys, or cradle bearings for pump supports. Vacuum lids are also machined on it for the beverages industry.

"Earlier, we needed 30 minutes for machining a flange. Now, we can knock off the same operation in a third of the time. Thanks to this investment, our range of capabilities has multiplied several-fold," exults branch manager Guenter Schafferhofer.

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Flange reworking
A finish-milled API high-pressure flange for transporting crude oil.