Training system
The system can be used to practice mixing or separating of fluids as well as control of the flow quantity.

Practical knowledge, taught lucidly

There is a lot of zealous practice going on in the Application Training Center (ATC). Kremsmueller attaches a lot of importance to “learning by doing” where the prospective I&C engineers are concerned.

The original idea was to develop training test beds for schools like polytechnics, in order to improve the training options for prospective I&C technicians. In this cooperation project, Kremsmueller was responsible for the wiring of the switch cabinets, for the pressure reservoirs as well as the entire prototype. There are some ATCs already in use in various training institutes. But for Kremsmueller, that was not enough for nurturing the budding technicians. Without further ado, the company installed its own system, on which I&C apprentices now enthusiastically practice their craft.

With this ATC, the prospective technicians can now also be trained properly even before achieving majority age, and suitably prepared for field deployment. By law, I&C technicians may only work on “actual” systems at customer sites after they have attained the age of 18. But so far, when they reached that age, the young trainees had no practical experience. The integration of the ATCs in the training means a big step forward, so as to also satisfy the strictest quality standards.

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Kremsmueller uses the ATC for preparing the apprentices for the final examinations, for training and in workshops.
Kremsmueller apprentices, supervised by I&C fitters, wired the switch cabinets for all the training systems.