Pipeline procedural audit
The welding procedure qualification test was carried out on site.

Pipeline Construction for a Clean Environment

Inconspicuous, below ground and a job for pros: Pipelines from Kremsmueller reliably supply Lower Austria with power.

The product pipeline West [Produktenleitung West (PLW)] supplies large areas of Lower Austria with fuels. In a key segment of the line, a planned freight train route necessitated an extensive reconfiguration of the pipeline layout. The new pipeline now traverses four streets and a brook and was “hidden” below ground in a completely unobtrusive manner.
Kremsmueller can point to many years of experience with underground pipelines. The element that now constitutes the PLW underwater crossing of the brook weighed 26 tons. Placement was carried out with millimeter accuracy by a 200-ton mobile crane.
Kremsmueller provides nothing if not first-class quality. Pressure tests, procedure qualification tests, as well as x-ray and ultrasound tests proved that the entire pipeline is absolutely flawless. It took only two months for the project to be completed to the fullest satisfaction of the customer.
Pipelines are environmentally-friendly and economical means of transport. The PLW eliminates the need for heavy trucks to travel 17 million kilometers on the A1 motorway, saving our environment from the effects of 17,000 tons of CO2 a year.
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You can find out more about underwater pipes at wikipedia.com.
Culverts for the product line
The new product pipeline runs clear through the Mühlbach brook.
Pressure test on the new pipeline
The 150 bar swell pressure test demonstrates the first-class quality of the underwater pipeline.