The complete software engineering as well as the visualisation were developed by Kremsmueller.

Perfect Symbiosis

A Russian cement factory recycles the residues from the production of steel – Kremsmueller supplies the control technology.

The Russian mining giant Mechel placed its faith in Austrian quality when building their new cement factory. The complete electrical and electronics equipment was entrusted to Kremsmueller Industrieanlagenbau (industrial plant construction company).
The Russian mining giant Mechel has been operating a steel factory since decades in the South Urals and is now setting up a cement factory there as well. The two factories complement each other perfectly, because the slag resulting from the steel production is raw material for the cement industry. And the slag stock that Mechel has there will already suffice for the coming 100 years.
3,300 kilometres from Chelyabinsk, in the Upper Austrian town of Steinhaus bei Wels, Kremsmueller is manufacturing the electrical engineering equipment. The 80 control panels are fitted with special heat radiators so that the sensitive electronics can withstand the Siberian winter. In addition,  the I&C professionals from the plant contruction specialist company will also supply five transformers for a voltage of 6 kV.
The solution for the automation will also be from Kremsmueller. The programs run on 3 Siemens S7-416 controllers. The visualisation of the plant will be provided on 4 client stations, which depict the events taking place in the plant on two widescreen monitors each. A redundant server pair prepares the data for the displays. Thus, it is not only the conveyor technology, with the silos, conveyor belts, conveyor worms, bucket conveyors and filling systems that must be mastered. The correct dosing also has to be ensured. In addition, the volume flow, the pressure and the temperature have to be regulated. About 1200 measurement points monitor and control the entire production.
The development software PCS7 was extended with the software package CEMAT for the project. This package is designed specially for the cement industry. Requirements like group starts of conveyor belts, selection of conveyor paths or visual signaling of drive motors can be easily and quickly fulfilled with it. To be able to integrate the operating devices of different manufacturers in the controller, programmers of Kremsmueller have extended the CEMAT libraries. The software experts of the plant manufacturer created a simple and practicable solution in the CEMAT design for achieving this. As a result, the controller of the cement factory is particularly user-friendly.
A team from Kremsmueller is monitoring the assembly in Chelyabinsk. The pre-fabricated components will be connected to one another at the site over 150 kilometres of cable. Cables that go into no less than 17 kilometres of cable ducts through the cement factory. There will also be 380 motors connected. The core of the plant are two mills with 4,3 MW motors. 440 tonnes of cement can be manufactured here per hour.
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There is high-quality, state-of-the-art technology behind the recycling plant.
Austrian Know-how
There is bundled know-how from Austria incorporated in the plant. The entire engineering and production of the control panels was executed at the Kremsmueller headquarters in Steinhaus.