Color and "Joie de vivre"
The participants bundled all their joy of living in their paint brushes

Painting campaign in Hartheim

The Kremsmueller Group’s customers and partners received a special gift for Christmas 2006. Each individual item was a piece of art in itself.

In a workshop for Christmas ornaments, participants with mental disabilities discovered their creative potential.
The high point was a unique painting demonstration. Castings were produced and thousands of clay pieces were baked using some of the materials employed in the workshop. The completed pieces were then laid out on a giant surface in one of the Hartheim studios. Colors and a lot of enthusiasm then created an impressive work of art.
The same people who had already created true masterpieces in the workshop once again demonstrated their skills. This year, each of Kremsmueller’s partners was able to hold in his own hands the history of these remarkable talents.
A grand piece of art
Thousands of clay shards were combined into one large piece of art
Professional support
Professional artists support the people from Hartheim
Creative energy
The workshop participants showed impressive performance in Action-Painting