Kremsmueller Safety Prize
Handing over the Safety and Environment Prize in a ceremony: (from left) Gregor Kremsmueller, SCC authorised representative Rudolf Raberger, Safety Prize winner Wolfgang Kramer and CEO Karl Strauß.

Outstanding safety thinking

Kremsmueller employees show commitment

Thanks to the involvement of each individual employee, Kremsmueller was able to reduce accidents at work by 80% in recent years. This year too, the unbelievable commitment of the Kremsmueller employees in showing up unsafe situations and hazards was rewarded with the Kremsmueller Safety and Environment Prize.

The declared goal of "zero accidents" is within sight. "This is the achievement of our employees. Day after day, they surmount big challenges at construction sites all over the world. They know where there’s room for improvement and bring it to the attention of their colleagues at other sites. It is precisely this attitude that is held in high esteem and rewarded," explains Gregor Kremsmueller.

With the launch of the Safety Board at Kremsmueller, a valuable information and communications medium was created. It can be found at every construction site, and the latest safety topics, accident statistics and tips for safety at work are put up on it every month. Thanks are due to the exemplary involvement of the employees for the continuous updates of the Board with topics from actual practice. 

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