German diploma in the heart of Africa
Candidates taking the language examination working with full concentration.

On everyone’s lips

ÖSD and Kremsmueller develop an authentic concept to reduce language barriers

The limits of my language are the boundaries of my world, paraphrasing Wittgenstein. Kremsmueller now helps anyone who wants to spring these boundries in a really special way: In more than 40 countries, the „Austrian Language Diploma“ is being offered as an official German examination at 9 different levels. This examination is required, for example, for immigration for families to come together, to get Austrian citizenship or as proof of knowledge of German for an employer. For the highest level „Business German“, to be able to describe everyday business situations that are as authentic as possible, Kremsmueller has developed a realistic test concept in collaboration with the ÖSD. The candidates thus tackle numerous situations from a normal business day at Kremsmueller. More than 100 persons from Hungary to Japan have already passed the „Kremsmueller Examinations“.

The Kremsmueller company hopes to enhance the professional and even personal self-confidence of a few persons with their contribution.

Kremsmueller always has a willing ear for innovative social projects. You can also apply for a project grant from the „Kremsmueller 4 Life“ program.

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The participant gets her diploma in Business German.