No time off for hot weather
National Assembly member Franz Kirchgatterer (right) among Kremsmueller employees in Romania.

No time off for hot weather

The National Counsel (NR) from Wels, Franz Kirchgatterer, was visibly impressed after his visit to Romania: “We can be proud of our specialists.”

Under the hot July sun, NR Kirchgatterer went on a three-day trip through the world of Kremsmueller in Romania with Fritz Fuchs, the honorary Works Council chairman of Kremsmueller Industrieanlagenbau. They wanted to see for themselves how an Austrian specialist lives and works in a foreign country.
After a visit to our Romanian subsidiary in Ploiesti, they went on to the refineries in Pitesti and Petrobrazi. There they discussed the formidable advances in the Romanian economy with Romulus Olteanu, regional union president.
As the National Counsel sums it up: „Without team spirit, nothing could be achieved. The Austrian mentality goes over well and it was really cool to experience the living environment of our people close up.”
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No time off for hot weather
Fritz Fuchs (left), the Honorary Works Council Chairman of Kremsmueller Industrieanlagenbau, visiting Kremsmueller Romania.