Effective immediately, Jobs with a Bite are available in Carinthia as well.

New in Carinthia: JobMeister

The Team with a Bite is expanding

With the opening of a JobMeister branch, the Jobs with a Bite are now also available in the Federal State of Carinthia, effective immediately. The small, smart JobMeister office is located in Wolfsberg. From here, not only are new staff located, but local customers can be served even better.

With quality work and the name of „Kremsmueller“ behind it, JobMeister can clearly stand out above the wide-ranging competition. Decades of experience in the manpower sector, a good feel for human resources and a homely, informal  atmosphere are the recipe of success of JobMeister.

Another advantage: JobMeister is at home in all industrial sectors. Be it in the office, in the engineering field or in actual production – the team finds the correct job for every applicant. Personal advisors are available to support applicants with advice and action. The main goal of JobMeister is long-term employment of the staff, in terms of a fixed position with the customer.

Would you like to know more on Jobs with a Bite? Click on Contact on the top right and you will directly reach the experts of JobMeister. Or of course, online at
Wolfsberg site
The direct route to the Jobs with a Bite goes to the Industriestrasse 26 in Wolfsberg.