More power in the Electrical substation
The three-phase tubular conductor rail system ensures maximum safety in the high-voltage areas.

More power

… is what’s needed when one of the largest steel producers in Europe expands.

In the newly-expanded transformer station, thousands of amperes are now being distributed safely and reliably to the work areas. The E-MSR [electrical, instrumentation and control engineering] experts from Kremsmueller installed eleven kilometers of conductor rails in the 110 kV transformer station, using robust and short-circuit proof round pipes. This guarantees maximum safety even in the case of possible malfunctions.
During installation, the symmetrical and space-saving positioning of the lines was particularly important. The three-phase lines, 50 to 120 mm in diameter, run through the 200-meter long and three-story high transformer station. Only bending machines are capable of shaping these pipes into the proper forms. This requires a good deal of know-how because damage or cracks can prove fatal.
Including equipment such as switches and couplings, a total of five tons of high-voltage devices and lines were installed.
The client surprised the electrical experts at Kremsmueller with an unusual follow-on order. After completion of the electrical installations, a construction company had left the plant contaminated. Kremsmueller experts to the rescue – since the client could rest assured that the cleanup would be properly performed and the plant returned to a safe operational state.
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More power in the Electrical substation
The 200-meter long transformer station is at the leading edge of technology: Kremsmueller installed all power switches, insulators and transformers.
More power in the Electrical substation
Components such as separators and insulators were connected via tubular conductor rails over three floors.
More power in the Electrical substation
For safety reasons, transformers are usually used outdoors at transformer stations. This surge suppressor as well as the connection into the building were refurbished.