“Mission Together“ – Sporting Performance

Two young freerunners collaborated with the Assista Association for Disabled Sport (BSG) Altenhof to create an artistic and imaginative stage programme.

When competitive athletes and disabled sports enthusiasts come together to create an artistic and imaginative performance, something magical emerges. Driven by sporting ambition and guided by the two freerunners David Purrer and Elias Gross from the Free Artists Support Team (F.A.S.T.), the disabled members of the Assista BSG Altenhof excel themselves both physically and mentally.

The program, which the young gymnasts Purrer and Gross put together with the disabled from the BSG Altenhof, and the attention they received as a result, stirred all the participants. Everyone wants to give their all for the “Mission Together”. As an example, a physically handicapped young man, who was confined to a wheelchair and could barely stand even with crutches, trained so hard that he actually managed to walk a few metres for the performance.

The “Mission Together” was presented as a small foretaste at the Assista trade fair in Wels and premiered in July. Kremsmüller 4 Life laid the foundation stone for this idea which ? seen from a long-term perspective ? is certain to be successful.

More information about Kremsmüller 4 Life can be found here.