Aurubis AG Hamburg

Major contract for Kremsmüller with Aurubis AG Hamburg

In the future, 20,000 households will be heated by industrial waste heat from Aurubis AG

Kremsmüller has been awarded a major contract as part of a project conducted by Aurubis AG in Hamburg. The implementation of this project will enable around 20,000 households to be supplied with CO2-free industrial heat and cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 100,000 tons a year. This is made possible by using industrial waste heat generated in a secondary process of Aurubis’ copper production.

This major contract, referred to as IWS2, includes the engineering, manufacture, delivery and installation of intermediate absorbers and receiver vessels as well as process gas and acid pipelines scheduled to run until mid-2024.

A large-scale project that is spectacular confirmation of our position as a strong partner to Europe’s industry.

Aurubis AG had previously commissioned Kremsmüller with the plant engineering of a new SO2 tank farm. The services to be rendered included detail engineering, procurement, manufacture, delivery, assembly and commissioning and have already been successfully completed.

Handling the medium SO2 places high demands on materials and safety. Kremsmüller was able to make an impact with its expertise in these areas when the contract was awarded.

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