There is hardly any wall in the airport that does not hide the high-tech brand Kremsmueller in some form or another.


Check-in 3 goes into operation

Summer 2012 saw the beginning of a new era for Vienna airport: the new terminal, Check-in 3, started operations. The I&C engineers of the Schwechat branch of Kremsmueller were behind the entire electrical installation of the new terminal. In 690,000 working hours, they installed the lifelines of the exemplary hi-tech project.
The electrical engineering behind the gigantic plant can be expressed in numbers that  initially sound Utopian: 3,930km of cable were laid – that’s almost 2.5 times the distance between Vienna and Moscow. The copper wires alone weighed a total of 700 tonnes. All these conductors are in 880km of cable trays and cable –ducts. For the flood of data that is transferred at the airport, a total of 750km of network and fibre optic data cables were laid – A total of 35,000 connections.

That it is light as day in the airport is a masterful engineering achievement: 3,700 data points collect the information for the automatic control of more than 34,000 lamps, boards and escape route signs. Safety is given the highest importance at the airport. This is also reflected in the electrical system: 15,300 fire alarms, 1,600 cameras and 4,800 speakers were wired by the Team from I&C and today ensure trouble-free operation.

Kremsmueller generated more than 10,000 plans and printed them on 12,000m² of paper. Now, there are no less than 441,000 files in about 23,300 electronic project files, which document  the entire project. 

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The new terminal in its black elegance.
checkin Trassen
The cable systems that sustain the functions are located in countless cable ducts.