Kremsmüller 4 Life Education Togo
The students in front of the new school in Kalanga.

Library financed for a school in Togo

Books and teaching materials were urgently required for a new school in the African village of Kalanga. Kremsmueller 4 Life helped.

Education is a valuable asset that creates perspectives. Unfortunately, in the poorest countries of the world, only a few children receive it. The Viennese association ‘Education Togo’ therefore decided to improve the education available to the children and youth of Togo by setting up schools and carrying out suitable supplementary projects. Last year, what was already the fourth school since the founding of the association in 2010, was built in Kalanga, a village in the north-west of Togo. It can accommodate up to 160 children. Kremsmueller contributed to this effort. The social service initiative Kremsmueller 4 Life built a library, which was equipped with teaching materials and common literature. The students were delighted with the brand-new equipment.

Do you also wish to implement a sustained social project and are looking for support? Please apply to Kremsmueller 4 Life. Here is a list of our projects so far and an application form. The last date for submission of the form is 31 January every year.
Kremsmueller 4 Life Education Togo library Kalanga
Brand-new teaching materials and schoolbooks.