Demonstration of a milling machine
Christian Kaiblinger proudly shows Gergor Kremsmueller the new milling machine in the Vöcklabruck workshop.

Into 2009 with zing and zest

Happy, radiant eyes in the workshops of ‘Lebenshilfe’ are testimony to the fact that once again, Kremsmueller has been able to achieve something.

Like every year, Kremsmueller was involved in a social project in 2008 as well. For the second time, the focus was on the ‘Lebenshilfe’. One project was very successfully implemented in the workshop in Braunau a few years ago. This year, Kremsmueller was involved in the workshops in Vöcklabruck and Regau (Upper Austria). It is envisaged that a more multifaceted sphere of activity will make it possible for challenged persons to work professionally – in keeping with the motto "Give people a task and they will grow on it".
With radiant eyes, the residents in both the workshops report that Santa Claus had stopped by really early this year. New machinery is now bringing a new zest in the workshops and increasing productivity. "The motivation of our people is increasing hourly", discloses Walter Steiner, Director of the Regau workshop. A CNC milling machine,  specially set up to be handicapped-compatible, now makes it possible to produce particularly precise and at the same time, varied components. Safety aspects were the reason for  procuring a new planing machine. A high-performance sewing machine now makes it possible for Lebenshilfe to take care of its working clothes. The carefully tailored investment program is rounded off by a large number of tools and accessories.
"We are able to produce more and in high quality. And since we are becoming ever quicker, we are even able to stock finished products", reports Steiner. In Regau, a large number of wood products are manufactured for companies in the region. The investments thus also have a direct effect on the businesses of the workshops. "Sustainability is a core element of our involvement  in community service. In a year, we want to be able to say: We really were able to make a difference here", said Gregor Kremsmueller at the inauguration of the new machines.
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Handover in the Regau workshop
Margit Holzinger and Walter Steiner (from the left) of the Regau workshop express their thanks to Gregor Kremsmueller (on the right) for the generous support.
New machines in use
The new machines and equipment were used at Lebenshilfe to make the symbolic Christmas present for customers and associates of the Kremsmueller group.
Making wood products
In the workshops, they had a lot of fun making a puzzle – the symbolic Christmas present in the year 2008.