Installation across hill and dale

A route of 2.5 kilometres length was built in impassable terrain. The pipes had to be laid sometimes at an incline of more than 50 percent

A steep project, in the truest sense of the word, was executed in Brixen, South Tyrol. A DN 150 pipe, a good five kilometres in length, had to be laid for the installation of a remote heating pump station – under the most challenging conditions.

With a gradient that sometimes went over 50 percent, the 2.5 kilometre long remote heating pipeline route was cut from the rock. The materials and machinery could only be transported by means of a cable-way that was installed specifically for this installation project. There were some places where only a helicopter could reach – a spectacular method of bringing the pipes and machinery to the site.

Owing to the significantly dangerous situation, special instruction was given to all the workers involved in the construction. An external specialist for working at heights presented a safety concept that was tailored to the prevailing conditions. Thus, all the fitters were able to secure themselves very well against falling and rock slides. The project was finally completed without any untoward event and in time.

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