Tank refurbishing
Tank refurbishing: Only whatever was actually replaced comes out.

Innovative “comprehensive refurbishing”

New approaches to refurbishing tanks

Tank and container construction has been a traditional field of specialisation at Kremsmueller for many years. In Arpechim,  Kremsmueller Romania undertook to comprehensively refurbish two 32-metre tanks with an astounding new technology.
Normally, in such repairs, the intact jacket rings of the tank are taken off from the top to be able to view the damage spots. This means tedious preparation, expensive crane work and huge storage spaces for the intact tank plates. Kremsmueller, however, showed that this can also be done far more efficiently –  with hydraulic hoisting devices that hold the upper tank part in position. Only those plates that also have to be replaced are actually taken down – they were about 45 tonnes per tank.
The new segments came directly from the tank production facility of Kremsmueller. The plates were integrated through tandem welding technology. In this highly modern process, the Romanian welders of Kremsmueller proved that they really have a mastery over their craft. During the simultaneous welding from the inside and outside, the heat distribution is perfect. The long life of the comprehensively refurbished tanks is thus guaranteed.
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