The Kremsmueller delivery van had donations in kind as its cargo.

In action for Moldova

Kremsmueller quickly made a vehicle available to the Wels Red Cross for transporting the relief goods

About ten tonnes of donations in kind – including food, clothes and toys – were donated to the Red Cross in Wels last year. Every year, a team of highly motivated volunteers transports this donated relief material to Moldova and distributes it to persons in need of help. Since Kremsmueller is always open to supporting social projects, a vehicle was quickly made available to be deployed for the transport.

Local visits show that this help really does have an effect. “During our last visit, we met a family that lived in a house that did not deserve to be called that. Today, there are windows, a new roof and clothing – things are gradually moving”, says Franz Weingartner of the Wels Red Cross.

Social responsibility is firmly anchored in the company culture of Kremsmueller. Sustainable projects are supported in the framework of Kremsmueller 4 Life. Would you like to get more information on this initiative? If so, click here. The contact icon on the right will put you directly in touch with the persons responsible for it.