The IIW assesses Kremsmueller
A Kremsmueller CEL-electrode expert demonstrates the right way of using this technology

IIW at Kremsmueller

An experts commission from the International Institute for Welding (IIW), along with about 30 additional participants from the pipeline and utility industry, inspected the welding conditions in the raw environment of a pipeline construction site.

A pipeline construction site of Kremsmueller’s pipeline experts was the perfect teaching example for the welding experts. The correct procedure for handling CEL electrodes in practice was demonstrated at a gas line for an energy provider.
The IIW was founded in 1948 to more rapidly advance the development of welding technology. Since that time, affiliated organizations in 40 countries worldwide have joined the association.
The key areas of focus are the coordination of research activities, as well as the exchange of expertise about welding processes and their application. A variety of materials and optimum weldments are discussed in the network. Kremsmueller also provided a perfect instructional example for two additional topics which the IIW is dealing with: environmental protection and occupational safety are essential aspects of welding technologies.