Beam gas compressor Kremsmueller
The beam gas compressor in action at the pump stand. If there is a leak, the gas is diverted into the respective probe cellar. Constant temperature monitoring guarantees the operational safety.

High-tech in the oil field

Beam gas compressors – a quick explanation

For some time now, Kremsmueller has been successfully supplying technology for the production of crude oil. The so-called beam gas compressors increase the capacity of the older oil pumps several times over. The sophisticated functional principle is admired in the petrochemical sector.

In a short Youtube video, Kremsmueller explains the advantages and working of a beam-gas compressor. Depending on the quality of the pump, a compressor can charge up to 2,000m3 more gas and up to two tonnes of oil additionally in 24 hours. As the pump stands installed in the oil fields of OMV prove, the amortisation period is maximum 6 months.

The casing gas, a by-product of crude oil production, is sucked up by using a compressor, compressed and pressed into the discharge pipe. Not only can oil be siphoned off as a result – gas can also be produced. An additional energy source is not required, since the compressor uses the movement of the pump stand.

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