Mobile communications truck
Thanks to the new installations, LTE (up to 150 Mbit/s) transmission is now possible as well.

“High speed” mobile communications stations on the way

Events like Frequency & Co have to count on very fast data transfer. In future, there will be no such thing as an overloaded network.

The team of experts in high frequency has been on the road since 2004 in for supplying mobile communications. Since that time, events in Lower Austria, Burgenland, Vienna, and some individual events in Carinthia and Styria have been supported. Famous events like the Danube Island Festival, Frequency, Nova Rock, or even FIS World Cup races and concerts in Vienna’s Krieau rely on Kremsmueller technology.

This year, the mobile communications truck and the scaffold towers were adapted to cater to the increasing requirements. They can now be used for any technology – from GSM telephony to LTE data transfer. As an example, videos that visitors to an event often wish to send simultaneously will not overload the network any more. The huge quantities of data can now be processed easily and sent to the mobile phone network.

The free-standing, temporary scaffold towers, 18 metres in height, can withstand wind speeds up to 150 kmph. These towers, and the mobile communications truck with a radio mast 20 metres high, can be used all over Austria.

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Mobile tower
The 18-metre scaffold tower and the mobile communications truck were in action at this year's Frequency.
Mobile engineers
The high-frequency experts putting the final touches in the mobile communications truck.