The software visualises all the processes in the systems.

High-performance systems for Russian aluminium plant

The entire electrical installation and automation is being carried out by the Kremsmueller I&C team.

To the east of the Central Ural mountains, 100 kilometres from Yekaterinburg, there is a new hot- and cold aluminium rolling mill coming up. That is where 2 systems of different sizes for inspecting aluminium plates of up to 33 metres length and 210 millimetres thickness are being supplied from Austria. The systems can measure values such as evenness, perpendicularity, thickness, temperature and conductivity of the metallic parts. The conductivity helps draw conclusions about the structure and any defects in the material.

The Kremsmueller instrumentation and control team is responsible for the entire electrical system and the automation of the systems. This includes the generation of adequate software, circuit diagrams, system visualisation, switch cabinet manufacturing, pre-commissioning assembly, wiring and the laying of cable lines.

This is a highly complex task, since numerous different measurement methods and a sophisticated data processing system have to be used. Moreover, the detail engineering, the assembly and commissioning are being executed locally in Russia by Kremsmueller. After successful test operations, the delivery of all the components is currently being carried out.

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Machine automation in the aluminium rolling plant.