Multimedia on the ski slope
UMTS transmission station for multimedia services in the alpine region

Hi-Tech in the Alps

Today even the ski areas have been confronted with ever-growing quantities of data. Kremsmueller’s telecommunications experts work to ensure the right connection is made between mountain and valley.

One flourishing ski area in Upper Austria must manage ever-growing quantities of data day in and day out. A new access system is about to start up and many of the slopes are monitored with webcams. Reliable communication between the terminal devices and the central server is essential to ensure smooth operations.
Existing data links were changed over to fiber-optic cables by the telecom team at Kremsmueller. Unlike conventional copper cables, here data are transmitted by light. The advantage of this technology is high transmission rates over very long distances without interference by any external electrical or electromagnetic noise fields. Compared to copper cable, fiber-optic cables are significantly lighter and take up less space – the optimal solution for the 3-kilometer link between mountain and valley.
Just in time for the World Cup season, the mobile network of the ski area was upgraded to the 3G standard. UMTS represents a core competency of the telecom business at Kremsmueller. The company has been working in this area for all of Austria’s mobile network operators for many years. This ensured multimedia services even on the ski slopes.

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Hi-Tech on the mountain
Prior to commissioning all lines are painstakingly checked for defects