Kremsmueller 4 Life Roko
Kremsmueller and the Red Cross sending a strong signal for safety. Gregor Kremsmueller and Dr. Walter Aichinger, President of the Upper Austrian Red Cross, with the children of the kindergarten 'St. Martin bei Traun'.

Here comes ROKO!

Kremsmueller 4 Life facilitates First Aid course in kindergarten

Kremsmueller and the Red Cross are sending a strong signal for more safety: First Aid courses for the littlest ones in our society. The project ROKO is a new feature in the kindergartens of Upper Austria.

The mascot ROKO was created for the visits of the Red Cross to the kindergarten. The character of ROKO was developed specially for kindergarten children with inputs of lots of pedagogical knowledge and sensitivity. It playfully rids the children of the fear of helping others and while doing so, also teaches them the basic rules of First Aid.

Practical experience has shown that little children are able to provide First Aid with the simplest means. Once these elementary rules are fixed in the consciousness of the children, they will react correctly in a genuine case even as grown-ups. Even day-to-day project operations of plant construction show how important it is to have comprehensive knowledge of matters related to First Aid. This is one of the main reasons for choosing the ROKO project for promotion by Kremsmueller 4 Life.
Financing was provided for the ROKO learning materials for the children and the kindergarten teachers. What started in the beginning as a test project has now firmly established itself as a learning program in Upper Austria.

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