photovoltaic installation
Installation fixture for the solar panels. The panels produce constant electrical energy even with low incidence of sunlight.

Going Live

The I&C division Schwechat erects Vienna’s biggest private photovoltaic system

A leading international banking house tasked the specialists from the Schwechat-based I&C division with the installation of a gigantic photovoltaic system on the roof of its Viennese head office.
Simultaneously with the installation of the solar panel, the roof of the building was also renovated. The works were executed in parallel and therefore had to be continously coordinated with one another. For reasons of safety, Kremsmueller erected an installation substructure for the inclined parts of the roof. The team was thus able to carry out its work perfectly even on the dangerous slopes of the roof.
The Schwechat specialists installed a total of 843 photovoltaic modules. Twelve inverters are responsible for converting DC into AC. The installed control cabinets control the energy flow. The solar energy obtained can be directly fed into the grid of the building.
The solar panels work highly effectively. Even a relatively low incidence of sunlight effects a uniform production of energy. The solar power plant produces about 87,000 kWh per year over a total surface area of 1,500 m2 . The total annual savings of CO2 emissions will be 35 tonnes.
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control cabinet, photovoltaic system
The last check before commissioning the control cabinet.
photovoltaic system
Above Vienna's roofs. A part of the gigantic solar power plant.