At the Khimiya 2011 in Moscow
The Khimiya - one of the most important fairs of the chemical industry in the CIS region.

From Russia with Kremsmueller

Kremsmueller Russia starts by opening the Moscow office

In October last year, more than 600 companies from 26 countries in the world used the „Khimiya“, one of the most  important industrial fairs in the GUS region, as a platform to present their services in the chemicals and petrochemicals industries. Kremsmueller did not miss the opportunity either, and the success at the „Khimiya 2011“ was the final confirmation, so to speak, in favour of the company’s plans to open a Kremsmueller–office in Moscow.

In this manner, Russian-Austrian business relationships are being nurtured even more effectively. Large Russian concerns are currently making massive investments in the maintenance and new construction of crude oil and natural gas processing plants. Kremsmueller is working on the first large project in the new market in cooperation with a renowned metallurgy-sector company, which is setting up a new cement factory in Chelyabinsk. The Kremsmueller Group was able to win an order for the complete I&C technology here.

Thanks to the Moscow office of Kremsmueller, our Russian partners will be able to locally access the know-how and the many years of experience of Kremsmueller and benefit from them.
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