fritz freyschlag prize
Ceremonial handing over of the Fritz Freyschlag Prize (from left): Kremsmueller Workers' Councillor Friedrich Zecher, Magister (master's degree holder) Gregor Kremsmueller, Chamber of Commerce President Dr. Christoph Leitl and President of the Chamber of Labour of Upper Austria Dr. Johann Kalliauer.

Fritz Freyschlag Prize goes to Kremsmueller

Third honour for Kremsmueller 4 Life

The Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour has seen fit to award the Kremsmueller Group one of its highest honours: the Fritz Freyschlag Prize for social commitment. This is already the third honour awarded to Kremsmueller 4 Life in a very short time.
The Fritz Freyschlag Prize has symbolic power. The prizewinners serve as models in the meaning of a basic moral responsibility towards society as well as towards their own employees.
Therefore, for the Workers’ Council and management of Kremsmueller, it was but natural that the prize money should be passed on to someone who really needed it – an employee whom Fate dealt a tough hand last year, who could be helped to a small extent.
The honours won in the past months are a great recognition of the commitment so far. At the same time, they are an encouragement to remain committed in future and sustainably bring about improvements where they are actually needed.
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kremsmueller employee
Because of a serious health condition, Markus R. cannot pursue his profession any more. The prize money will now be used to support the family for adapting their flat.