Overhead crane
The boiler being loaded with the 252t overhead crane.

Flue Boiler of the Superlatives

Perfect challenge for the new production facilities of Kremsmueller

The flame tube/flue tube principle for generating steam and hot water is exactly 200 years old. Of course, the two boilers that Kremsmueller manufactured in 2011 had little in common with those from the year 1811.
The new autogenous plasma cutting machine in the tank manufacturing section was used for the complicated cutting and dimensionally precise sections. The accuracy of shape and the surface quality of the cut edges is exemplary, and the machine deals with plates having a thickness of up to 240mm. Thanks to the special technology of three flame cutters that come into action simultaneously, the welding bevel is also automatically cut as well. Apart from the high quality, this also results  in a considerable time-saving in the production.
Rolling thick-walled plates into individual coils is done with the new plate bending machine. Here too, the equipment from Kremsmueller scores high by delivering high dimensional accuracy with a short throughput time. The welding of the floors and the jacket coils into a complete boiler tube is achieved using the submerged-arc welding machine. The non-destructive  weld seam inspections show that the system will run in a fault-free manner. The customer, a renowned manufacturer of steam and hot water boilders, was impressed by the quality of the weld seams.

Thanks to the ultra-modern crane system, the loading of the 7m long and nearly 5m diameter boiler body was completed in just a few minutes. It took just 4 weeks to take this project to completion through the production run. The optimum space conditions in the production hall, the reliability of the new machines and of course, the know-how of the employees of Kremsmueller guarantee the success of the project.
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Flame tube - flue tube - boiler
The floors of the 20 tonne boiler contain two flame tube and 472 flue tube sections.
Submerged arc welding process
The high-technology workplace of the welder at the submerged-arc welded crane.