Generator overhaul by Kremsmueller
Assembly of the new stator winding was followed by a voltage test with 21,500 Volts over a period of more than one minute. The crackling of the electrical discharges was clearly audible at the time.

Extensive generator overhaul

…in the Rosshag hydro-power plant

After more than 40 years of continuous operation, four generators of the power plant in the Tyrolean Zillertal had to undergo a complete overhaul. Retrofitting an old plant with new parts needs experience and skill. Two of the leading leading energy enterprises in the world entrusted the installation experts of Kremsmueller with this delicate task.
After completely dismantling the four generators, the individual parts were cleaned and the old parts were inspected according to strict criteria. But certain components had to be replaced. Thus, the newest technological components were fitted while simultaneously taking into account the existing 40-year-old technology. Joining and connecting all these parts was a big challenge for those involved.
The re-assembly of the generators demanded the highest precision. The work of ensuring smooth running of the 100-tonne rotor involved accuracy to the order of a hundredth of a millimetre.
The generators provide an output of 65 MVA. The voltage is more than 10,000 Volt. The dimensions of the individual parts are also awesome. The stator, the non-moving part of the generator, weighs 87 tonnes. Der The rotor, weighing 100 tonnes, is the heaviest part. The rotational speed is 750 rpm.
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