Welding bead
The machine park of Kremsmueller is well equipped for the high requirements in pipeline construction.

Experts for natural gas piping

Kremsmueller is to connect two natural gas tanks to the compressor station in Haidach.

Russian natural gas is compressed in the new compressor station in Haidach. Kremsmueller installed connecting pipes, which transport the gas to the undergrund tanks (UGTs) located nearby
Up to the UGT at Brunn, there are 5,100 metres of connecting pipe with a nominal width of DN 250. The new station in Aigelsbrunn was connected with a 1,550 metre long pipeline. Cleaning and inspection equipment can be used through six pig traps with a nominal pressure of PN 160 bar.
The pipe-laying of the stations in Haidach, Brunn and Aigelsbrunn was also taken care of by the experts from Kremsmueller. Four generators are driven by means of the natural gas pipes in the cogeneration unit in Haidach. These generators produce electricity for the station. The heat that is generated thereby is used for the remote heat supply to the town of Straßwalchen .
Since the founding of the company 50 years ago, welding pipes has been among the core competences of Kremsmueller. And the plant construction experts have many decades of experience in the petrochemicals industry as well.
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Pipeline construction
Kremsmueller has already laid hundreds of kilometres of pipelines for the natural gas industry.