Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
The three engineers present their degree project at the Linzer Technikum (Oö), or Linz Technical School, Upper Austria.

Encouraging young engineers

Kremsmueller supports a team from the Linzer Technikum, or Linz Technical School, in an extraordinary project.

Three young engineers from the Linzer Technikum, the Linz Technical School, built a testing plant for the analysis of materials for their degree project. Using UV spectroscopy, the instrument measures the composition of elements on the surface of solid bodies. Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), as the process is called, is used, for example, for the quality control of steel. There is just a handful of comparable instruments in Europe’s schools and universities  – and one of them is now at the Linzer Technikum.
With Kremsmueller Industrieanlagenbau, the young researchers were able to make use of more than 50 years of experience in plant construction. The training director of the Karl Kremsmueller Welding Academy helped the team in making the sample containers and refrigerated containers. The young engineers immediately demonstrated that they can plan, perform the calculations for and execute a challenging project: it was a total success right form the first test run.
Other training centres also benefit from the decades-long experience of Kremsmueller. Experts from the Group direct courses at the Fachhochschule (technical college) Wels. The specific disciplines involved are welding or materials testing. Kremsmueller also provided decisive suggestions in the development of the FH Master’s degree course in Plant Construction“. This course supplements an engineering qualification with fundamental knowledge from project execution. Thus, the faculty for engineering and environmental sciences equips soon-to-be project leaders with comprehensive know-how for facing up to the conditions in actual practice.
There’s more information on the Master’s course „Plant Construction" at
Linz Technical School
Professor Normbert Ramaseder (centre) takes a close look at the testing system.