Drinking water for Rio San Juan
The aid project in Nicaragua will give more than 1000 persons access to clean drinking water.

Drinking water for Nicaragua

Kremsmueller lends a helping hand to a village that is tackling its problems.

The bad quality of the water in Nicaragua often causes disease. To fetch clean drinking water, women and children have to travel long distances – Even hikes of one to two hours are not a rarity.
The „Village Mexiko" in the south of Nicaragua decided to do something about the water shortage in the region and procure clean drinking water. 3 years ago, the village formed a water committee. Its first task was to develop and secure a water source. Since then, work is on in full swing and the project is taking shape.
In the „Initiative One World", the village found a partner who can provide the necessary know-how. The villagers carry out all the construction work with the help of an engineer. The focus is systematically on know-how transfer, so that the water supply can be secured sustainably. The villagers will thus be able to themselves operate, maintain and further expand the water network.
The technical equipment was financially well out of reach of the „Village Mexiko". A clear case for the Kremsmueller 4 Life Programme. Promoting this project, Kremsmueller financed a water tank as well as the pipeline network for connecting about 900 families.
Now, a plot of land 4 hectares in area around the water source has been bought. It will be used for the organic plantation of cocoa. The additional source of income will serve to maintain the water supply. In addition, this will ensure that the source does not get polluted.
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Aid for self-help
Everybody is pitching in: Together, the locals are taking care of their water supply and thus securing their future.
Water pipe
Hundreds of families are looking forward to their own water connection with a water meter.
Third World
Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Central America. The project area in the south of the country is in one of the least developed regions of Nicaragua.