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At last, the Cambodian villagers have access to clean drinking water.

Drinking Water for Cambodia

Kremsmüller 4 Life supported Kakihe and gave 271 families permanent access to clean drinking water.

An inadequate supply of clean drinking water is the main cause of numerous diseases in developing countries. Children in particular are affected by the poor sanitary conditions, with a high rate of infant mortality the result. On the initiative of Fritz Kieninger and Savuth Kao, the Association for Drinking Water Supply in Cambodia was founded in 2009. The Kakihe Association has pledged to improve the situation in Cambodia. Wells are now being built to provide remote villages with easy access to clean water.

The 201st (!) well was constructed by Kremsmüller 4 Life in the southern village of Domnak Troa near the Vietnamese border. It was dug 31 meters deep to supply 271 families permanently with water. But Kakihe is no ordinary association. Today Fritz Kieninger is known to many as a water runner. In order to promote his small association and make donations easier, Kieninger runs through Cambodia on behalf of the sponsors in order to supply drinking water.

After 2013, he ran across the Asian country again this November covering a total of 900 (!) kilometres. 50 kilometres on 18 days to be more precise ? each day in the name of a sponsor. He is entirely dedicated to the good cause of the association and, together with his wife Jessica and co-founder Savuth Kao, he is fully committed and passionate about it.

If you are also planning a social project and are still looking for support, you can find detailed information about Kremsmüller 4 Life at www.kremsmueller.com/life.