Challenge Mobilfunk
Communications professionals must be in good shape and have no fear of heights.

Dizzying Telekom Installation

With a spectacular pilot project Kremsmueller qualifies itself for further network expansion.

The project was carried out in Ansfelden (Austria). At heights of up to 110 meters, the telecom team from Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau installed six microwave radio relay antennas for mobile telephone providers. The “Army Tower” in the heart of Upper Austria has provided excellent service as a radio tower since right after the Second World War. It has always been the most modern communications technology that is installed on the giant steel structure.
The 80-kilo antennas were hoisted up to the lattice tower by cable winches. The travel time for this was ten minutes. Exactly the same time was needed for one of our professionally trained telecom installers to conquer the 110 meters using all of his physical prowess while protected like a mountain climber.
This project required the processing of 1,200 kilos of structural steel. Seven hundred and fifty meters of high-frequency cable ensure high transmission capacity. Technically speaking, the microwave radio relay antennas are only slightly different from satellite antennas – but their approximately 1.8-meter size and relatively high weight made installation a real challenge.
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microwave radio relay on the cutting edge of technology
Microwave relay antennas use radio waves to transmit information.
Giant steel from post-war era
The giant steel structure from the post-war era has been providing excellent service for decades.
Microwave radio relay in action
Microwave relay antennas are installed at elevated locations to cover long distances.