Material for the senses
The children engage themselves on their own initiative with the material for the senses. This clearly has a positive influence on the learning effect.

Developing the senses while playing

That is what the “Athenas” initiative for children achieves, thanks to help from Kremsmueller.

In 2010, the new Viennese kindergarten "Athenas" had reason to be pleased with the project promotion of the Kremsmueller 4 Life programme. Kremsmueller supported the initiative with selected material for promoting lingual and musical development. Thus, the speech-challenged and hearing-challenged children get familiar with their senses while playing.
They learn to draw conclusions from the experience that they get. The material from the Montessori educational science awakens the child’s curiosity. This sustainably supports the mental development of the children. Another typical feature of the games and exercises is that they can be configured differently according to the abilities of the child.
The new playing and learning material teaches how to work individually, repeating, experimenting and discovering new possibilities. The integrated error control makes independent working possible. In addition, the children realise that mistakes are important, so that one can learn from them.
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Learning while playing
The material for stimulating the senses was conceived according to the principles of the Montessori concept, which has been proven for 100 years.
Spatial thinking
Children with well trained senses learn to understand concepts and to place them in complex contexts.
Montessori material
The children improve their senses while playing in the Montessori meeting point Athenas.