kremsmueller Crematorium Vienna
The coffin lift structures also need the careful maintenance by the plant construction specialists from Kremsmueller.

Deployment in the Crematorium

Know-how from plant construction in demand even in Vienna’s crematorium

The plant construction specialists from Kremsmueller, Schwechat and Krieglach were entrusted with a particularly delicate job. Owing to the rapidly increasing number of cremations being performed, it was urgently necessary to match the systems in the Vienna Crematorium to the increased demand.
One special challenge was the repair of an ash mill. After the body of the deceased has been burnt in the cremation furnace, the bones are ground into ash in the mill. Repairs to such a plant are not a normal, routine matter even for the experts from Kremsmueller. "Reverse Engineering" was first applied to work out the mode of operation of the sophisticated apparatus made of gears and magnetic rollers. The latter separate all the implants and artificial limbs from the bones, so that they do not get into the crushing mill. After the renovation, the mill is now ready for the increased requirements in the crematorium.
Apart from repairs to the plants in the crematorium, the Kremsmueller experts are also responsible for their ongoing maintenance and upkeep, which is no easy task. For obvious reasons, the safety conditions for hygiene in the crematorium are particularly stringent. Therefore, regular examinations, injections and health checks by the company doctors of Kremsmueller are routine.
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ash mill
The ash mill, having undergone a general overhaul, at its familiar place in the crematorium.