Radio relay link
Working in the disaster area: radio relay link at Gschliefgraben.

Deployment in a disaster area

A spectacular landslide cut off villagers from the outside world. The telecommunications professionals from Kremsmueller restored the contact.

At Gschliefgraben, Gmund (Upper Austria),  about 1.5 cubic metres of earth and rock had slid towards the Traunsee since November 2007. The landslide threatened to snap a telephone link. The situation could deteriorate by the hour and a quick solution had to be found. The telephone line – and hence the actual telephone contact in an emergency – of about 200 households would otherwise have been cut off. Professionals from Kremsmueller set up a radio relay link that acted as a substitute for the telephone cable. The all-clear was given at Gschliefgraben recently and the traditional communications links can now be made operational again.
The radio relay link was set up in parallel to the existing telephone cable. The work was not without its hazards. The earth and rock layers below the construction site were still in the danger area. Therefore, special permission had to be taken before every deployment.
The only way to connect the installations was through the Traunsee lake. The telecommunications professionals from Kremsmueller installed the necessary conductors in the cold, 4 °C waters of the lake.
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