Emergency breathing mask
Top equipment: At Kremsmueller, labour protection has the topmost priority.

Dangers firmly under control

Kremsmueller as a guarantor of consistently practised labour safety. Demonstrated once again in a cellulose factory.

The customer processes wood chips into paper fibre. Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau replaced the strainer system of the digester and thus accelerated the production by more than 25%.
Moist wood chips and a fireproof ceiling formed the artificial working platform in the interior of the digester. A flexibly controllable exhaust and a fresh air supply were decisive factors: on the one hand, the safety of the welders had to be ensured, and on the other, welding seams were not to be hampered by air drafts
Electrical cables were laid from the side in the tank. All the connecting pieces had to be closed airtight, since sulphur dioxide could be emitted from the surrounding digesters. A measuring instrument continuously monitored the SO2 and oxygen percentage. Effective alarm raising systems, top-class breathing masks and a continuously worn rescue strap were indispensable in the tank – and made the project a shining example of lived safety management.
The digesters were switched off for one week each in succession. Working in two shifts, the Kremsmueller team showed total dedication despite tough conditions. The factory was able to resume full-scale operations right on time.
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Flexible hoses for welding
To protect the fitters, electrical cables and welding hoses were laid through a connecting pipe and the connection was made airtight.
Safety harness
Secured by a special harness system, the fitters were able to climb into the digester without fear.