Compressed Air for Bottle Production

A bottle production plant consists of various pressure-resistant air pipes – Kremsmueller was commissioned with the supply and assembly.

Ever thought about where the Coca-Cola bottle comes from? From Switzerland – or more precisely, from the main plant of the world’s leading packaging glass manufacturer Vetropack in St. Prex. For a new bottle making machine, Kremsmueller was commissioned to supply and install the complete piping system. These were the complete compressed air piping and vacuum pipes in various pressure ranges from minus 0.5 to 6 bar, made of stainless steel and carbon steel, including primary supports. In addition, a steel construction for the filters provided by the customer was prefabricated in Austria, delivered to Switzerland and assembled on- site, and then the piping of the machine and the filter was done. During the deployment, Kremsmueller also scored points for flexibility through experience and know-how – especially for short-term requirements. During the shutdown, numerous modifications were also carried out to the existing plant.

The project was implemented with a relatively short lead time and a tight schedule between the beginning of July and mid-August 2017. Despite the challenge of the necessary administrative procedures, import permits and personnel having to be named in advance, including working hours and their meticulous observance, Kremsmueller was able to complete the project to the fullest satisfaction of the customer. The plant was started up on schedule.