Filling cabinet
The modern filling cabinet.

Compressed air diaphragm pumps as the recipe for success

KTT Saxs implemented a new supply concept for a German engine factory. The technical idea behind it was totally impressive.

Not to copy either of the existing two systems for test bed fuel supplying was the specification at the start of planning. This requirement awakened the innovative spirit of the Saxs-Tank team. There resulted a completely new concept – compressed air diaphragm pumps were to make the difference.

The reason is that these pumps only consume energy when fuel is actually discharged. This revolutionary idea convinced the customer and could once again be employed in extensions planned in the future. Work on the new supply concept took up almost three years. It comprises a 80,000 litre tank with eight chambers as well as the piping of the stainless steel tanks.

14 powertrain test beds were to be supplied with automatic selection from 11 fuel types, controlled from operating panels. Fuel dispenser pumps and filling devices were required for this system. In addition, defueling systems were also built for the vehicles.

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Automatic selection of the fuel types now makes manual reconnection superfluous.
Tank system
Among other things, eleven fuel dispensers and filling devices were built.