The Materials Testing and Inspection department will be presented at one of the 12 stations.

Come on in to the World of Production

After 2004, Kremsmueller is participating again this year in the Long Night of Research. An enthralling evening lies ahead.

This Austria-wide event is to take place on Friday, 22 April from 5 pm to 11 pm. There will be a total of 16 exhibitors represented in the Wels region. On this evening, Kremsmueller will be opening up its production facilities to all those interested – visitors as well as employees. Entrance is free!

The production steps and the machines will be explained on the basis of a series of exhibits consisting of 12 stations, which shape even the thickest steel at high precision. As many as 17 patents were registered when the plate bending machine was designed, but that is not the only one that demonstrates how much innovative spirit has gone into the production lines. All the sequences are so efficient that the production facility won the Factory Award. But that’s not all: We will be showing actual sequences that are not normally found in the workshops; we are, in a manner of speaking, transporting one of the biggest Kremsmueller construction sites directly to the workshop. With Virtual Reality technology, you can be right up close when pipe segments weighing several tonnes are assembled in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps.

Apart from extensive information about Kremsmueller, there also awaits a probably unique general programme as well: refreshments at the “Echte-Kremserl-Bar”. A food truck will provide special appetisers. The grand finale will be a live performance by the Wels-based cover band “NoAge”.

Detailed information on the shuttle bus that will ply between 5 pm and 25 minutes after midnight in the Wels region is available here www.LangeNachtderForschung.at

Milling machine
High-performance milling machines are used to optimally prepare weld seams. This process will also be demonstrated.