Precision pure. Correctly connected, wire by wire.
Precision pure. Correctly connected, wire by wire.

Burning the Wires

The telecommunications division of Kremsmueller ensures the best connection

In one of our most recent projects, the "Telecommunications" technical division took up the responsibility for the complete system migration of a leading Austrian landline network provider. The team organised and managed the entire project sequence.
The preparation for the system migration included the laying of 360 km of jumper wire. This wire is required for connecting switching points in the distributor. For the entire system cut-over, 98,000 contacts had to be correctly connected to one another. And that needed to be done in just one morning.
Under enormous deadline-pressure, the 27-member team removed 45,000 jumper wires and made the previously laid wires ready for operation. Even the smallest mistake could not be made here. Just one wrongly made contact among thousands would have resulted in serious problems in the telephone network.
Since the customers of the landline provider included some of the most important State institutions and enterprises, an error-free execution of the project became the basic precondition for all activities.
The migration involves the introduction of the MSAN – System. Multi Service Access Node implies a sort of access node that facilitates an interface-less transition to modern broadband offerings as well as to IP-based network structures.
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