10 silo components and 14 small components can be dosed automatically.

Batchbin revolutionises the finishing plaster industry

Local dosing technology is in use in a construction materials factory in Brno. For the first time, fine construction adhesives can now also be manufactured.

With the award of the contract for the Czech project, an entry was made for the first time in the hard-fought finishing plaster industry. The Batchbin system was able to assert itself thanks to its high flexibility and compact construction. This powder dosing system has been installed over an area of about 10 by 20 metres.

The high accuracy and the modular construction allow production of many different recipes – from coarse finishing plaster to fine finishing cement. The system is also open for future increases in capacity. To go into the details, 10 silo components and 14 minor components can be dosed automatically. With a new kind of recipe, Batchbin, is making people sit up and take notice: the manufacture of fine construction adhesives has become possible for the first time. This is an advantage for the customer, who is firmly established in the finishing plaster business.

The project took six months from the start of assembly to commissioning. Apart from the Batchbin team, the I&C department of Kremsmueller had also been deployed and took care of the automation of the system.

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The Batchbin system has a compact construction. This system has an area requirement of 10 by 20 metres.