AutoZum 2011
Right up there in the front row once again: the innovative hybrid concept InoSmart

AutoZum 2011

KTT once again showed its innovative side at the leading Austrian trade fair “AutoZum”.

After the premiere at the Automechanika 2010 in Frankfurt, the spotlight was once again on InoSmart in Salzburg. The new hybrid automatic vending machine from KTT innovation® carries out a number of tasks: from that of the classical self-service pump to car wash control to electrical mobility. A clever modular system provides an oversight of  the expansion and the investment at all times.
There was active interest at the AutoZum trade fair from the filling station sector as well. Vehicle charging for electro-mobile shop and snack bar customers could certainly become very interesting in the future. And InoSmart is the only self-service pump that also allows this as a retrofitting option. A clever investment in the future of mobility.
Even otherwise, the focus at KTT in Salzburg was on „Value addition at the filling station“. Clever advertising concepts facilitate the optimum promotion of all the services at the filling station. InoSmart helps to advertise promotions effectively. The innovative sound system Music Engine even makes targeted advertising spots at the filling station possible.
You can get more information on InoSmart here