1250-Ampere main switch
The main switch takes care of providing 1250 Amperes of power to the plant. That's enough for nearly 20 single-family houses.

Automation: Flexible and ultracompact

In a new production line in Russia, the biggest tile manufacturer in the world is relying on know-how from Kremsmueller.

The customer was looking for the ideal solution for the drying plant in the new brick factory: in the production line, bricks must be dried in accordance with an exact procedure. It was required that this process should provide flexibility in control, so that various different brick formats could be worked. It was with Kremsmueller that the building materials company struck the right chord. From software generation and engineering, from production to assembly and installation and commissioning – Kremsmueller supported the entire project.
The production line is 150 metres long and has three tracks. 70 rpm-regulated drives as well as 50 measurement  points for humidity, temperature and pressure measurement are installed here. They are controlled by means of two operating and monitoring units as well as two PLCs. The switching station, which is divided into 13 low-voltage distributors, is 15 metres long. There are 7000 metres of wire hidden in this compact plant. The prefabrication of these high-power switch cabinets was carried out in the in-house switch cabinet production shop of Kremsmueller. It needed a total of 380 hours of work.
Several hours of assembly and 24,000 metres of cable later, it was over: the brick drying system in the new Russian factory went operational successfully. 
Evidence that the customer is satisfied with the quality delivered by Kremsmueller can be seen in the form of the first follow-on orders. The patented recipe from Kremsmueller is also in demand for two other new structures.
You can read more on the history of brick manufacture here wikipedia.com.
Frequency converter
The frequency converter is secured against short-circuits.
Busbar of the motor control system
The motors are controlled via the busbar above. All the incoming and outgoing wires are connected to the busbar above.