Long Night of Research Kremsmueller

At Night in Production

For the third time Kremsmüller is taking part in the Long Night of Research. This year the event is being held on Friday, 13 April, between 5 pm and 11 pm.

Kremsmüller’s production facilities in Steinhaus have enjoyed the most diverse projects and impressive moments. Virtual reality technology is used to bring these to life. Among other things, visitors can see how steel parts weighing several tons are assembled in the workshop to form a huge pipe branch and then installed deep in the hillside. Many of these components can also be seen in real life. A quiz provides visitors with fascinating facts on the subject of “hydro power”.

In addition, visitors can walk virtually through an impressive multi-storey evaporation plant. The heart of such plants is a “thin film evaporator”, which thermally and mechanically separates substances into their components. There will also be a demonstration using a miniature pilot plant enabling visitors to discover which processes and procedures take place inside.

In 2016 Kremsmüller counted a total of 650 visitors – a record result achieved in a truly successful evening. All the more reason to be there again this year and to look forward to numerous visitors.

Drop by and take advantage of the rare opportunity to gain an insight into production – an entertaining and exciting evening is guaranteed. Admission is free!